Antifreeze / Coolant

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Prestone® Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant - Installation Instructions

Drain —  Draining removes loose rust and sediment from the radiator. Drain cooling system following owner’s manual. (illus. 1)

Flush — Flushing the system cleans the engine block. Use a quality cooling system flush/cleaner like Prestone Super Flush. (illus. 2)

Fill — Fill with Prestone AF/C and distilled water for the desired freeze and boilover protection indicated on the back of the bottle. (illus. 3)

WARNING: HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CAUTION: Do NOT remove radiator cap when engine is hot. See owner’s manual for any special cooling system service instructions. Do not store antifreeze/coolant in open or unlabeled containers. Wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water after use.