Fuel Additives

Using a Prestone® fuel additive can help clean deposits that may form in fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, and carburetors during normal vehicle operation. When these deposits form, a vehicle can experience knocks and pings, hesitation, rough idle, hard starting and lost performance. Adding a Prestone®  specially formulated fuel additive can help resolve these problems and serve as an effective first step in basic vehicle maintenance.

  • Prestone® Complete Fuel System Cleaner

    One treatment of Prestone’s Complete Fuel System Cleaner with its powerful detergent quickly purges deposits from intake valves, combustion chambers, and fuel injectors to maximize fuel efficiency, power, and performance while reducing emissions. Treats up to 20-gallons. Also treats E10 to E85 fuels.

  • Prestone® Gas Treatment

    With regular use, Prestone® Gas Treatment helps to maintain the fuel efficiency of your vehicle while keeping fuel injectors clean. It also fights to protect against the dangers of low-quality gas, and helps prevent gas-line freeze. Treats up to 25-gallons. Treats E10 Fuel.

  • Prestone® Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Just one treatment of Prestone’s Fuel Injector Cleaner formula quickly eliminates fuel-injector deposits to help restore fuel efficiency, power, and performance. Use at every oil change. Treats up to 20-gallons. Treats E10 Fuel.

  • Prestone® Synthetic Fuel Injector Cleaner With 0 to 60® Octane Booster

    This 2-in-1 formula quickly helps restore lost power and performance by eliminating fuel-injector deposits while increasing octane. The 0-60 Octane Booster increases octane by up to 5 points.* Treats up to 16-gallons.

    * In regular unleaded gasoline. 1 point is equal to 0.1 octane number.

  • Prestone® 0 to 60® Octane Booster

    Prestone’s 2-in-1 formula boosts octane by up to 10 points to quickly eliminate engine knock, and also cleans injectors to help restore lost fuel efficiency, power, and performance.* Treats up to 16-gallons.

    * In regular unleaded gasoline. 1 point is equal to 0.1 octane number

  • Prestone® Diesel Fuel Treatment

    Prestone’s Diesel Fuel Treatment purges injector deposits while helping to prevent new ones from forming. Just one treatment helps restore diesel-engine performance to reduce emissions and unburned, wasted fuel. Use it every time you fill up your diesel-fuel tank. Treats up to 35-gallons.