A Revolutionary System of Corrosion Protection
Help your engine last longer with new Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant. Fortified with patented Cor-Guard inhibitors, Prestone prevents corrosion before it starts, helping your coolant system run more effectively.
Longer Engine Life

Your vehicle depends on antifreeze/coolant to run. The proper concentration of antifreeze/coolant allows your car to run optimally. Help prevent your cooling system from freeze-up or boiling-over by replacing your worn out antifreeze with new Prestone with Cor-Guard inhibitors. This patented formulation helps keep your engine running at an optimal temperature, reducing the risk of breakdowns and helping your engine run efficiently. Additionally, Prestone's patented corrosion inhibitor package protects your cooling system from corrosion and cavitation.
Prevents Corrosion with New Patented Cor-Guard Inhibitor Technology

Corrosion is the enemy of any cooling system. Corrosion and cavitation rob your engine of performance and cause premature failure.

Prestone's new advanced corrosion fighting Cor-Guard formula prevents corrosion from forming on your water pump and radiator. Designed for today's sophisticated engines, no other formulation provides your vehicle with this patented protection.
All Makes All Models. Will Not Void Warranty

New Prestone Cor-Guard was the result of seven years of research and development at the renowned Prestone Innovation Center. The development team set out to improve existing technology AND to maintain Prestone's ability to work in any car and light-duty truck. New Prestone will not void your warranty and can be used to fill your radiator after a flush and clean or it can be added to your existing fluid to optimize your system.